At close quarters

Leaving unsuspecting our mooring on a Saturday evening, we sighted a familiar red sail. Last time we encountered Arne’s GWENHWYVAR, he outsailed us, not least because my hull was covered with barnacles. This time, however, we caught up to his windward side and stole his wind. Arne didn’t contend himself with this indignity and attempted to impale us with his bowsprit. Only due to a sudden gust of wind we escaped our grim fate.

Windjammerparade 2012

Having just launched the boat, it was heavily leaking as the planks still have to swell before the hull becomes watertight. Also the shrouds haven’t been under tension yet. But we – Florian, Leif, Olga, Susann and myself – wanted to partipate in this year’s Windjammerparade so badly, that we willingly put up with constantly having to bail out the boat and tightening the lee shrouds while sailing. With following winds of intially 4-5 bft we sailed…no…raced out Kiel Fjord with exceptional speed.

Following the “herd” from a distance like a lone wolf, we finally closed up to our prey.

Here we were hunting down a Dutchman, who got intimidated by our “grapnel”.

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