Absolute tranquility

On a trip in mid September we made encounter with one of the world’s oldest ships still actice: the topsail-schooner AMPHITRITE, built 1887 in Gosport and now operated by Clipper-DJS. And we encountered another sprit-rigger!

Skíðblaðnir in 3D

Last Saturday we finally set sail again after a lengthy period of maintenance works and waiting for the delivery of the new oars. They arrived a couple of days ago and are way more solid than the “toothpicks” which we had before. Although we are close to the end of the sailing season, the weather couldn’t have been better: We spent a sunny day on Kiel Fjord, with nice wind of 3-5 bft and some nice wave action. Three large cargo ships anchored off Friedrichsort and we cruised around between them. When we passed the bow-nose of one of them, I jokingly remarked that it would be quite “funny” if they decided to weigh their anchor now. Just few seconds later we were shaken by a loud rattling noise and noticed that the anchor cable was moving as we were just passing the bow. That was quite tight, as we were in the ship’s blind spot.

Click image to wiggle!

The wiggle-effect

We had not only opportunity to test the new oars, but Florian took also some photos with his new 3D-camera, which you’ll find in the gallery below. Click to open the gallery to see the images fullscreen and with anaglyph glasses (red-cyan).