Sailing in November: Are we the only ones left?

Apparently on this November day we were the only sailors on Kiel Fjord. And it was far from chilly, albeit we were pleased to conclude the day with a traditional North Frisian hot beverage called pharisäer (i.e. pharisee) which was coined by the upset exclamation of an uptight pastor upon finding out that the villagers secretly put rum into their coffee.


This year we almost missed out on the greatest local maritime event: The Windjammerparade, where the entire fjord is veiled by spreads of white canvas, most notably of the majestic four- and three-mast barques, but also many other historical vessels. My boat was on the trailer still and a new coating of anti-fouling was drying. But on the eve of the parade, I found two volunteers – Leif and Magdalena – who helped to slip the boat. Next morning the boat was leaking heavily as the planks had formed many dry-cracks. But we were determined to participate, so they were caulked with ettan.

We were caught in the doldrums with almost no wind, as the parade passed along our side. Black clouds were emerging, and with it a freshing gust of wind and an even more refreshing rain, that later turned into hail.  We were returning to our marina in style, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

First trip in 2014


Lasse feels more comfortable on “the dark side” (…of the sail).

Skíðblaðnir got shipshape early this year, so Lasse, Magdalena and I embarked already in March for the first trip of the year in sunny and calm weather. The wind was a bit less than expected, so it was a very laidback and comfortable passage across the fjord, where we had  — once moored — apple cake and coffee. Even the cargo ships didn’t seem in a hurry today… probably waiting to take a pilot on board before entering Kiel Canal.