New boat – last post

In September I sold Skíðblaðnir and know it in very good hands! One week later, I drove to Flensburg to pick up my new vessel: SCYLD, a historical boat reconstruction of a Limfjord-Sjægt. My sailing adventures are continued on this new blog:


Sailing Scyld single-handedly!

The fastest floating hedge!

At the 36th annual Rum-Regatta we participated in the Lüttfischer-Regatta (a race for small traditional fishing boats) in Flensburg’s harbour basin. Due to a lack of wind, we had to rely heavily on our rowing-power.

This year I mustered a formidable crew of beardy Vikings (a floating hedge!), so we gained the lead within only few seconds after having crossed the starting line. I felt a “little bit guilty” about our easy win, as we almost got all the prizes there were: (1) The strange bell-shaped brass object for the fastest smakke was ours, (2) the wooden scoop was ours (officially, because we were rowing so hard that a lot of spray water came over. Inofficially, all the water came in through the many dry cracks), and (3) we almost received the painted oar for the best rowing, but we got that one already last year for not rowing. We returned home with not only rich booty, but also with fame, as we made it onto the front page of “Flensborg Avis”, the local Danish minority newspaper. Once again we had a great time, which was only dampened slightly by the fact that we could not put to sea the next day at the actual Rum-Regatta, as 7 bft in gusts were forecasted. In all honesty, I think with this great a crew it would have been possible, but I put the safety of my crew & vessel first!

Sailing in November: Are we the only ones left?

Apparently on this November day we were the only sailors on Kiel Fjord. And it was far from chilly, albeit we were pleased to conclude the day with a traditional North Frisian hot beverage called pharisäer (i.e. pharisee) which was coined by the upset exclamation of an uptight pastor upon finding out that the villagers secretly put rum into their coffee.